Swayam Foundation is a registered not for profit organization working in the domain of education and livelihood. It has been setup with the objectives of:

  • Providing access to education to all the children in the society.
  • Improve quality of education in public schools.
  • Providing skill development training and workshops to children and adults and thereby providing livlihood opportunities.
  • Developing the skills of educators to ensure that a large section of the society to ensure a multiplier effect of our effort.


The human capital at Swayam Foundation has been drawn from:

  • School education.
  • Educational management and consulting.
  • Tertiary education.
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Information Technology.


This team enables Swayam Foundation to conceptualize and deliver programmes of great complexity and scale. This team has enabled Swayam Foundation to go from startup to working in almost all the districts across Gujarat in a very short period of time.



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