The Right To Education Act (RTE) makes it mandatory to identify, educate and mainstream the out of school children. The first step in this direction is the identification of the out of school children.

SurveySwayam Foundation carried out extensive surveys of urban and rural areas in many districts of Gujarat to identify the out of school children. For this a special group of people were recruited, oriented and they were given specific streets and blocks to cover. A hierarchy of moderators was established to ensure that the data coming out of the exercise was precise and authentic.

The exercise was preceded by a lot of prior preparation in terms of accessing detailed maps of the cities and the rural areas, identifying areas with possibility of having out of school children and conducting almost a census like survey.

The survey work not only identified a large number of out of school children, further recommendations were made to ensure that these children could be grouped and the special learning programme could be implemented with them.

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