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About the NGO,

Vision and mission...

An approach to bring a better future to the marginalized and deprived section of the society, we work on education of children and livelihood programs for the weaker sections.

We believe that sustainable development of disadvantaged communities can be achieved, only if children’s best interests are at the heart of everything we do. And if children themselves actively participate in the process, with increased focus on children's rights, we involve children as active participants in the process of development.

We focus on strengthening the Right to Education Act.

We attempt to bring Livelihood programs for consistent income to the poor family.

We Counsel Parents to nurture healthy and socially responsible children.

Swayam Foundation is a Non-Government Organization (NGO), registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950 vide registration no. guj/15340/Ahmedabad and F/15177/Ahmedabad respectively. It is a not-for-profit organization the organization is granted 80G certificate

1. Our ongoing projects with government


1.1 English language training programme in 13 tribal schools of Gujarat

Swayam Foundation has been actively involved in the identification, enrollment and education of the out of school and marginalized students. Since Improving quality of education is our mission, we did an exercise to assess English language skill of the students of few of Dahod tribal schools .The outcome of the exercise was dismal and it strongly suggested that there is massive need to improve the teaching skills of teachers in order to improve the student’s .Reasons might be attributed to, remoteness, Poor salary structure of teachers, Negligible exposure etc.

We held discussions with the authorities and consequently signed 13 MoUs with principals of 13 tribal schools of Dahod, run by Tribal Development Department, Gujarat, to work for improvement of English language of students.

To bring about a qualitative change in English language skills of remote tribal area, we designed a customized curriculum, taking clues from their culture, environment, dialect etc for easier correlation.

Initially a three days workshop was conducted on how to go about teaching methodology later we decided on more frequent visit and Interaction with the teachers, to enhance and mentor their concepts of English language teaching skills. We visit schools at least twice a month to teach, inspect and observe their academic related activities .We assess their overall academic development. We direct and advise teachers by directly teaching them and also by providing them activity sheet etc.

Recently students of Mahamta Gandhi International School, Ahmadabad, joined our mission as part of their CAS project to help out tribal children in overcoming their fear for speaking English. They camped in Dahod for two days and spent time in interacting with them. This experiment was applauded by everyone. The programme is running very successfully and students look forward to our visit

Teaching-learning-interactive sessions with MGIS children and tribal children of Dahod




1.2. Vidyathirth Project -

A MoU is signed with Education Department, Government of Gujarat during vibrant Gujarat summit January 2013 to bring qualitative change in the schools of remote areas. It is a tripartite understanding with PSU, NGO and the Government. Here PSU becomes the facilitating agency and the NGO becomes the implementing agency .the programme is supervised and overseen by the Government.

Two major PSUs of Gujarat GSPC and GUVNL have pledged their support to us in revamping the infrastructure and academics of identified 13 government schools of Gujarat.

While infrastructural part is to be monitored by respective DPEOs, the academic part lies. It majorly includes bringing about improvement in the following areas:

  • Enrollment
  • Attendance
  • Reduction of drop out
  • Academic Performance
  • Behavioural issues
  • Health
  • Progression to Higher Education/Livelihood


Interaction with students


Interaction with teachers


Presently government is framing and reframing policies for this programme

Swayam’s initiatives……


1. Education Centers for underprivileged

Around 50 slum children of Gulbai Tekra are getting addicted to our education center!!   Moms look forward to everydays teaching. Our teachers Ms Ila ben Christi and Merolin c Parmar are quite popular among children.  Glimpses of our education center:


Prayer time Peer groups make the process of learning easy and interesting


Participation of children appeals even some of foreign nationals to come down and spend quality time with them We give ample chance to our children to express themselves through colours and other activities. Besides this, our organization always seeks opportunities to bring smile on their faces. We provide free stationeries and books for learning and clothes to wear.

Taking them for educational tour, fun tour, organizing and conducting purposeful workshops,  are our common practice. Encouraging them to maintain personal hygiene and keep their environment clean is our constant effort

2. Candle making workshop

Providing employment opportunity to the women, we thought of alternative employment opportunity for the women of Gulbai Tekra.  Swayam Foundation then conducted a workshop for candle making with the tribal belt of Ahmadabad city. The target tribe is the nut community, migrated from Rajasthan and is known for making Gnash’s idols.

Around fifty women in the age group of ranging from 18 to 50 gathered at the community hall to be participant of the workshop

Now every year, around Diwali we take orders from corporate houses and the revenue generated out of it is ploughed back for the education of the community

Few glimpses of workshop….


Listening to lectures about how a candle is made

The final product……

3. Stitching class

Wives of class IV government employees, residing in Gulbai Tekra, are not well educated and at the same time, have the urge to add consistent income to meet the two ends of the family. It was found a constant demand while interacting with them.

Swayam foundation has identified a space in this community’s area to formulate it as a training center. It was envisaged for providing an opportunity for women to express and enhance their creativity along with a medium to earn livelihoods.

Women can register into training programme at their suitable time duration. A professional teacher, employed by Swayam foundation, is there to provide systematic training. These women are majorly wives of class IV government servants. Swayam foundation is planning to be guarantor for loan for sewing machines for these ladies. Collective learning will be provided to all ladies daily in 2 hours’ batches.

Working independently provides space to apply one’s own understanding, and sincere appreciation boosts level of confidence.

After imparting training, Swayam foundation is planning to start a joint venture with these ladies and manufacture garments and put them on Swayam foundation’s outlet. A professional designer will be hired for designing and finishing purpose.

4. Computer training centre commenced by Swayam Foundation:

Conception of the project:

‘Unemployment’ is the word that lay a hand on today’s era. This again leads to many unwanted activities in today’s world.  Swayam foundation experienced that this majorly leads to either crime or depriving children from education. Especially in lower economic strata where there is only one bread earner and many dependants in the family. Poor financial condition leads sending children of the family into either menial works or other services. Deficient of education of these children further leads to no or poor future employment.

Swayam foundation felt a need to make poor community self-reliant through a training of basic computer knowledge. Swayam foundation reviewed area of GulbaiTekra and felt that many kids have dropped their studies after 10th and started labour work.  Many girls/ladies are eager to learn computer but they are not allowed to go outside their locality. Swayam foundation decided to open a computer training centre in their locality with flexible timing.

Inauguration of centre:

Swayam foundation inaugurated the computer training centre on 15th Aug in GulbaiTekra.(Class iV, peon quarters, Gulbaitekra). Swayam foundation will give basic computer training in very reasonable fees. Ladies can have their separate batch at their convenient time.

Swayam foundation initiated the center in a room with 5 computers and other basic infrastructure. To cover all sort of community, the centre will be open from 8 a.m to 8 p.m.

The centre was inaugurated by area corporator, Shri. Chirag Shah. Community leader of the area were also present. After inauguration, Swayam foundation distributed snacks and sweets to the community people

Computer centre – a step ahead:
After inaugurating centre on 15th August, 2012, Swayam foundation received a great response from the community and they enrolled themselves immediately. Presently 5 batches are running with around 30 students, including kids, young people and ladies.

Pictures of Inauguration of computer training centre of Swayam foundation:


Computer centre of Swayam foundation


Shri Chirag Shah inaugurated the centre


Our projects with government


1. Handholding and monitoring Alternative Learning School, ALS- Sarva shiksha Abhiyaan, Gujarat State

The Right To Education Act which came into force in 2009, it  motivated  Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA), to identify drop out and never gone to school children  for mainstreaming .It required identifying them first, organizing and   grouping them then, and  educating them to enable them to join the nearby schools. This was called Alternative Learning Schools (ALS) by SSA

The SSA, Education department entrusted our institution to monitor the  ongoing ALS programme in seven prominent districts of Gujarat state i.e Ahmedabad, Dahod Junagadh, Bhavnagar, Banaskantha, and Sabarkantha and submit report annually. The programme ran from August 2010 to March 2012

While monitoring ALS, we ensured students and teacher’s presence, also an observation was done on the proper functioning of learning teaching methodology, set by SSA

2. Identifying /surveying out of school children

-Having been satisfied by our work performance, the SSA then gave us the responsibility in November 2011 to identify out of school and never gone to school children in Ahmedabad and Dahod districts. We completed the assignment very successfully and timely and submitted the report to the SSA

3. Educating members of School Management Committee.

Thereafter, pursuing RTE Act the SSA  again gave us the responsibility to educate School Management Committe (SMC) members about their roles and responsibilities towards their schools in all the AMC schools in march 2012.

Our core team

Archana Verma - An MBA from Patna University is passionate to see a visible change in education of underprivileged. She has a rich experience in managing education institutes. has taught in Haria college Jamnagar and has rich experience as Deputy Registrar and Registrar in managing administration of two universities Kutch University and Somnath Sanskrit University respectively. An avid traveler and preserver of heritage she has done many projects in conserving environment and heritage and culture.  Her contribution;

  • Introduced computer classes absolutely free
  • Initiated study center for underprivileged
  • Trained underprivileged women for making candles
  • Started stitching classes

Harish iyer- A resident of Ahmedabad is a graduate from Indian Institute of Forestry Management he is passionate about using technology in the field of education .He has developed an educational platform which helps students and teachers to integrate life and learning. An Entrepreneur, Consultant, Researcher and Trainer has strong conviction that education is exciting and offers immense opportunities to individuals and institutions.

Apart from discharging his duties as secretary of the trust he is presently one of the Directors of Concepts EduServ Pvt. Ltd and Education Technology Management Flinnt.

His expertise- Managing Learning within the organization. His prime concern is always focused on enabling clients, to organize and manage learning within their organizations. He has got a neck over setting courses, charting out the courses, doing course correction, and at all the time, working to ensure the psychological well-being of the members.

He has firm belief that,” The basic purpose of life is "to live life purposefully" everything I do has to have a sense of purpose and everything I do should have an impact on the lives of the people around me.”

Dhinal Rajguru. An engineer graduate from L.D Engineering College, Ahmadabad has acumen for managing administration and logistics.

Rajendra joshi: . An M.Phil. &B.Ed. from Sardar Patel University is a loving and a passionate teacher.  He has attained expertise in Mingling with children and conversing with them in their own language so children love his presence and teaching-learning becomes a fun.

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